I am leaving tomorrow.  Going as far away as I can go: New Zealand.

Working on a farm this summer has prepared me well for travel.  The most important lesson I learned is to be flexible (despite a daily list or a weekly plan, sometimes the goats escape their fence or hail pelts down on the garden, and you must immediately stop what you are doing and run to the situation at hand), and I know this lesson will serve me well.  I’ve always been a planner–pouring over research and timelines from the moment I decide to travel to the moment I arrive at my destination–but here I am, embarking on a journey halfway around the world, and all I know for sure is where I am staying the first night I get there, and  that I’m working on a farm in November through WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms).  The rest of the two and a half months are up to the whims of my friend Erin and I as we travel all around the North and South Islands.

I dream of soaking in geo-thermal hot springs; of hiking through forests, up cliffs, and across glaciers; of tasting wines in Marlborough County; and yes, even of jumping out of a plane and sky-diving over the tremendous landscape.  It has been a summer of transitions for me, and I am ready for a spring of renewal.  Spontaneity will guide me now.