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Since leaving Alice’s, we have been to Queenstown, Wanaka, and Franz Josef, and we arrived in Punakaiki this afternoon.  Our traveling time is coming to an end on Monday when we reach Karamea, where we are working on an Orchard for one month.  But I don’t want to write about all that I’ve done and will do right now.  In this moment I am sitting on a green cliff overlooking a half-moon beach.  The sun is kissing the ocean, the waves are growing and exploding in a passionate response.  In the time it took to write those words, the sun sunk, leaving the soft tangerine glow that will turn pale purple, then dusky blue and then give way into night.  The moon takes over now, calling the ocean to high tide.  Each gentle roll of wave gains momentum, rises, and crashes violently upon the pebbled shore where the foam spreads like spilled cream before it is sucked back to the ocean.  The mist from each crash softens the sea cliffs and huge pedestals of rock standing in the shallows.

I’m not sure how much longer I can stay here; the sandflies are coming out and biting at my legs.  But the tenacity of the waves ignites something within me that keeps me here just one more minute, one more minute…

How is it that I am both quieted and enlivened at once?  I am like the last lace of wave, reaching ever further up the shore at high tide before being pulled back to the depths.  This is my second visit to this beach since I arrived in Punakaiki six hours ago.  I will return tomorrow.