starting to pack for alaska, and where do i begin?

i told my mom i want to be a vagabond, having been inspired by slow travel and by this book Vagabonding.  she laughed and all she could say was “i love you”

how do i reconcile my desire to travel with my desire to buy land and stay here and know vermont, or any one place deeply?

how long does it take to know a place deeply?  does it depend on time or presence or willingness or perseverance or openeness or love or all of these things?

is there such a thing as starting over?

why would i want to start over, when all of my experiences have led me to where i am?

i do not want to start over.  i want to continue on.

on, in, out, over

reconciliation is an act of balancing

my synallactic heart, balance me on a string, drown me in the world, teach me to stretch on the thin strand of the horizon, where the night and the morning and the earth and the sky move together, giving way for one another, giving the possibility for each to encompass the world.