The sun is rising earlier now, and daylight stretches longer into the evening.  February is beginning cold–high of 18 and low of -6–and bringing nine more inches of snow in its first week.  I don’t mind, at least not this morning as the fire burns in the stove and I am wrapped up in flannel and fleece.  February is often the hardest month of winter, blowing in bursts of frozen air and winter storms, but it is also the month I notice the shift of light on clear mornings as the sun reveals the winter world for a few more minutes each day.

Just a few weeks ago Edge was leaving for work in the dark.  Today, though we woke to a starry sky at 5:30 am, by the time he walked out the door at 6:45, dawn had graced the sky with soft shades of blue and faint hints of pale pink and yellow.  Stratus clouds line the horizon, but the great bowl of sky above them is clear.

Now I must get ready for work: grab extra layers, fill a travel mug with tea, say goodbye to Nobee and warm up the car.  I wish Nobee and I could trade places for today–her ski down the mountain and me walk through the fields and cozy up to the fire with a book.  Off I go anyway, knowing the afternoon light will linger long enough for us to walk together when I get home.