Somewhere in between milking, setting new pastures, feeding pigs and poultry, working in the garden and waiting out rain storms, I explored Applecheek Farm through my camera lens.  Here is what I found:


Dicie the Heifer


Elmore Mountain Behind the Potato Field


Old Tractor Wheels


Nobee in the Cow Field


Applecheek From the Pasture


Darlena and Ursula


On a farm it is easy to feel strapped for time, stressed about the endless tasks that continue to pile onto the daily to-do list, but stepping back behind the camera reminds me one important thing: there are moments of almost stillness that can be caught and held–moments that do not stop but allow you to lay down, sink in and be carried like a raft downriver.  Sometimes all we need to do is change our focus to catch them.