“If I might suggest one thing, it would be to go outside today, regardless of the weather or whatever else you have to do, and do it no matter where you are.”

–John Snell, on his blog Still Learning to See

Finally.  Snow.

I walked into the woods yesterday with my husband and our two dogs, filled with wonder and giddiness.  Each season invites us to see in a new way, to look again at the same path or tree or pond and discover another element to its being.  So we set out, and I couldn’t stop smiling, and I couldn’t walk slow enough to take it all in, though we followed the same trail we always do.

How lucky I am then, that this is my backyard, and I can walk this everyday to discover something new.  What are you discovering today?

photo by Katie SpringYurt Door, Pebble Waiting to Walk
photo by Katie SpringSnowcap
photo by Katie SpringWoodpecker
photo by Katie SpringIce Drop on Birch
photo by Katie SpringHappy Dogs!
photo by Katie SpringYoung Beech
photo by Katie SpringWinter Pond