There are days when fighting for what you love just won’t do.  Even Edward Abbey, the great environmental writer, said no one can be full-time crusaders–you must take time to enjoy what you love.
Today is a day for enjoyment.
Today is a day for celebration.
So I snap on my skis and head into the forest with the dogs, gliding through two inches of new snow beneath a bright gray sky. 
Rumi said: Whatever you are, whatever you do, be in love.
That is where I am, in love.
That is what I am, is love.
I am in love with this world, and it goes far beyond romance.  Just as a seed is born bursting open with green shoots and flowers when it is called to do so, you and I, too, are able to burst into this world with our arms extended  and our hands open, smiling at the beauty of being alive.
For at this moment I am alive, and the earth is alive, and that is worth celebrating.