February 20

A shooting star dashes beside the big dipper.
A Northern Saw-whet Owl continues its call in the hemlocks: too-too-too-too
Monotone, constant, and clear.

February 21

I go to the library to renew a book.
“Do I owe anything?”
“No, it’s only one day late, and we have a day’s grace.”
I walk outside with a day’s grace and a small smile.

February 22

In my journal I write: “I feel stuck at the start.  I know so much of what I want to write–but how to write it?  Then there is that whole part of writing that is a mystery.  What will come out and take form once I start?”
After two pages of written frustration, I come to this end: “Take action!  Happiness is always present.  It is a choice.  You can choose it.”

February 23

“Happiness is a courageous act!”
I read on the cover of a journal in the Galaxy Bookstore.
I pick up a copy of Seven Days, a free weekly newspaper, and read my horoscope: “Gawker.com notes that American politician John McCain tends to repeat himself — a lot. Researchers discovered that he has told the same joke at least 27 times in five years. (And it’s such a feeble joke, it’s not worth retelling.) In the coming week, Pisces, please please please avoid any behavior that resembles this repetitive, habit-bound laziness. You simply cannot afford to be imitating who you used to be and what you used to do. As much as possible, reinvent yourself from scratch — and have maximum fun doing it.”
I realize a truth which I have always known, but just now understand.
Life is ENERGY.
And I ask myself, where is yours going?  What kind of energy is refueling you?
And I remind myself: the only constant is that energy is always moving.  Allow it to do so.  See the world as energy and watch it play~


A shooting star
A day’s grace
A choice
A courageous action
A reinvention
The world is inviting me to it,
inviting me to live freely and wildly.
I accept.
You are invited, too.