What does it mean to shape consciousness?  How are we all part of this action?

We choose our frame of being.  Our being connects with others’ being, and that interaction makes an impact—one we choose to accept or not.

I choose to accept all positive impacts into my life.

I choose to say no, thank you to all negative impacts in my life.

I choose to give love, because I am love, and the nature of love is to grow.

I choose to see all good things.

I choose to be open to the opportunities that arise, and to be thankful for them.

Everything is a choice.  Everyone has this power of choice.

I choose to live from the place where breath arises.

I choose to fill my body with breath.

I choose to smile.

We all have the power to decide what we will see.  The universe offers everything.  We have the gift of receiving or not receiving, to say yes or no, thank you.  We are all mirrors of what we choose to see.

Today I choose to see wildness, to see the green earth breathing in spring rains, to see smiles, to see love, to see the life around me dancing with joy.