March third.  It has come so quickly that I am surprised it is already March, and I am not quite ready for the month of spring to be here.  Maybe I have not played enough in the snow this year.  This winter has been a transition for me: the first trimester of pregnancy into the second, the loss and regaining of energy, the expansion of my belly, the waves of emotions, the juggling of a full time job with planning a new farm.  No wonder March’s arrival surprises me–I think I slept through December and January since the first trimester exhausted me.  Now I am reclaiming that time, staying up and reading, journaling, finding the rhythm of my pen on paper again.  The baby is helping, too.  Each time I feel it move I slow down inside the moment, expanding my attention to the rhythm inside me, to the snow falling outside, to whatever small miracle is revealing itself.

As I write on this Sunday morning, I find I still must practice claiming the space I need.  I breathe deeply, and before thinking of everything I have to do, and before thinking I can do it all today, I remind myself:

This moment is graceful
This moment is abundant
This moment is all there is

How do I want to experience each moment?

with love

This life is energy evolving.  May I dance with it as it unfolds.  May I dance as my heart opens, ever expanding with the Universe.