I was born into this world
twenty-six years ago today.
Imagine my mother:
full, ready
was she nervous? expectant?
They told her they had to cut
to pull me out–
my brother before me had been pulled
the same way.
She told me she did
go into labor–
that despite the doctor’s schedule,
it was in fact the day I decided to come.
It took twenty-three years
for me to be born naturally.
In a dream I held my mother’s hand
and breathed with her as she scrunched her face
and pushed me out
and the three of us were there together:
daughter holding mother holding daughter,
finally realizing the freedom of birth.
Now my own womb grows with life
and I understand how my mother is a daughter, too
and so will I remain
even as birth transforms
and this child makes its journey to greet the world.