Somehow, maybe it is appropriate that this happened on my birthday…birth is not without suffering, but through suffering we are born

Good Heart Farmstead, L3C

We drove home from dinner in Montpelier on Saturday night to see an orange glow and smoke rising up from our hillside.  Our hearts pounded as we raced up the hill, not knowing what building was on fire, and thinking only of our yurt with our two dogs inside of it.  As we crested the driveway and saw the yurt in place, Edge said “it’s the bunker!”–our neighbor’s barn and attached garage where we had all our farm equipment, feed, and some personal items stored.  I dialed 911 as Edge ran over to the barn garage with a fire extinguisher, and within moments he came running back yelling “it’s huge!”  At this point, we could see the glow of the fire and smoke coming out of the garage doors, and in the 5-10 minutes it took for the first fire truck to arrive the entire barn was engulfed in flames.

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