Good Heart Farmstead, L3C

It’s been a week since the fire.  Last Saturday I woke to a birthday breakfast of blueberry pancakes, chai and a fruit smoothie.  Today Edge woke me just before he slipped out at 6:30 am to borrow some tools for the day.  After he left I laid in bed and watched the light slowly shift as the sun rose, thinking of the Rumi quote I read the other day:

Is not impermanence the very fragrance of our days?

This past week has felt so long for Edge and me as we move with both exhaustion and determination, trying to keep track of all the to-dos and make sure we do them.  I don’t feel the same overwhelming stress that I had before the fire, though.  Before the fire, I had been missing the space to write, the space to take a few moments to myself and breathe, and I let…

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