Good Heart Farmstead, L3C

It’s amazing how fast weeks go by, especially as the sun stretches longer into the day and a new set of to-dos pops up with spring time.  Edge has been working full time on the farm since April began, but I am still working at High Mowing Organic Seeds until the end of the month.  I took a day off to help catch up on things and realized I could take the whole week off and still have more to do–but that is the way of spring, constantly growing, and a new energy comes with the changing days as birdsong returns to the mornings to gently wake us up and enter a new day.

This past week we’ve had four new lambs born: twin ram lambs from Benna and twins, one ewe and one ram lamb, from Deloide; The seed house is greening up as seeds continue to emerge and…

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