Good Heart Farmstead, L3C

In an interview with Poets & Writers magazine, poet Frank Bidart was asked, “The word making for you is a crucial word…For your poetic vision it’s more than an aesthetic endeavor; it means more than mere creativity, does it not?” and Bidart replied:

“As you say, a crucial word.  It’s one of the principles of the world.  We live in this awkward culture that tells people that they have to have a job, have money to buy things, but that the job does not have to be connected to one’s soul, one’s inner life or spirit or sense of self-worth.  On the contrary, the aim of work seems to be retirement where you can fish all day or go to Florida or someplace–which seems to me grotesque, an absolute impoverishing of the idea of human life.  Human beings are makers.  It’s the only thing that gives human beings something approaching…

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