Three weeks, one day

He is smiling, growing, already over 10 pounds

It was yesterday that I felt the energy to get up, walk, process carrots and peaches, to enter again into the wider world

Before that, the womb of the yurt held us both

and we ate, slept, sang, cried, danced

still we do these things, but now I am here for a moment alone

while Waylon and Papa explore the woods

and I drink in the sounds of buzzing grasshoppers and singing crickets,

their rhythm quick like Waylon’s breath, their song pulsing like my own heart as I move into the world anew

Time no longer moves to the rules I once knew–

it expands, stands still, shrinks, strolls along, and changes as it pleases.

To be with a baby is to be with one who only knows the present

he has brought me further into this moment, right now, where the air vibrates with grasshoppers and crickets, the faint rolling of cars over pavement sound in the distance, and the short squawk of a bird calls out across the field.

Three weeks, one day

I am learning how to live honestly–

to do exactly what my body and soul needs to do,

which is the only way Waylon knows how to live.

To live pure and present

He shows me the depth of freedom we are all born into