PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): “Singing teaches two skills that are essential for any creative process,” says author and vocalist Rachel Bagby, “the ability to listen and the ability to be flexible and spontaneous.” I bring this to your attention, Pisces, because 2014 could potentially be a Golden Age for your creativity. It will be a time when you will benefit even more than usual from exploring and enhancing your imaginative originality. That’s why I’m encouraging you to sing more than you ever have before. Make a list of your 50 favorite singable songs. Be aggressive about expanding the music you get exposed to, and learn the melodies and lyrics to a lot of new tunes. Cut loose with your vocal stylings whenever you have a chance, and take a vow to propel yourself out of funky moods with the creative energy of your singing.

I am turning 27 in 2014, and as my Saturn returns, I wonder what major changes I will be faced with.  Already so many of life’s turning points have happened for me: at 24 I got married, at 25 I bought land, at 26 I started a farm and had a baby.  But lately I’ve been feeling a stronger pull toward creativity, a deep current that is carrying me into a new phase in my life as I find myself caught between living safely and living passionately.

Before Waylon was born, I knew the song I’d sing to him: If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out, by Cat Stevens.  I sing it to him often, hopeful that he will always be true to himself and know that there are a million ways to be.  I used to imagine into the future, excited to share this song with my babe, and now perhaps it’s time to relearn the message for myself.

I do not know what will come of it, but I am ready to sing more, to write more, and to live, despite the fears of inadequacy and failure, with my heart wide open.

dancing hobblebush