Today I will practice seeing abundance and welcoming it into my life.

Yesterday I felt overwhelmed and pinched–that familiar and uncomfortable feeling that sometimes comes when checking our bank account, especially at this time of year when we are looking at what we need to buy for the farm season ahead.  When I get like that–pinched–there is a narrowing of focus.  There is a shrinkage that happens within and around me, and I cannot easily see the positive.  It is a physical thing.

Einstein said, there is no limitation to matter, only to consciousness.

So today I will practice abundance.

Look what we have: our family, two dogs, a cozy home that keeps us warm and dry.  We have this land, and this land has us, with the sheep, the garden, the field and forest and all the beings that live here, too. We have three freezers full of food; we have roots, garlic and onions stored.  We have clothes and boots and skis and snowshoes.  We have the freedom to set our days.

Last year, in a moment of despair, I said to Edge, “What if we can’t make it, and we have to sell our land and become vagabonds?”

We stared at each other, then burst out laughing.  The tears in my eyes dissolved with each laughing breath.  At an earlier time in my life I did tell my mother that I wanted to be a vagabond.

What is the worst that can happen?  The farm isn’t profitable and I turn my part time job into a full-time one and Edge finds off-farm work, too.  Really, that is what would happen long before vagabonding.  Actually, that is what might lead to vagabonding–the need for the freedom of our days.

And look at everything else around us: hundreds of acres of forest, trees standing tall and breathing out clean air, mountains and ravens, clouds to remind us of the transient nature of all things.  We are impermanent, and that makes it possible to manifest any change.

I will not limit my consciousness.

Thank you, Universe, for the abundance of this life.  May my own spirit add to it, may my song dance in the wind and bring joy to the birds just as their song brings joy to me.  May my open heart stretch wider and help others to open as well.  May I live today, fully and presently, aware of the enormous abundance of this world.Yarrow, by Katie Spring