I started this blog in 2009 as I prepared to leave Vermont for a two and a half month trip to New Zealand and Tasmania.  A convergence of endings twisted together then to form a single path towards a new beginning–a venturing out into the world wide awake and open.

I named this blog Running Barefoot for the freedom it signified:

[Freedom is] running barefoot: calloused feet, hair like ribbons flying, arms pumping and legs exposed.  It is diving naked into deep water, coolness sliding across my skin, taking a deep gulp of air as I emerge up on the surface.  It is breathing in pine trees and maple leaves as they fall down and turn crunchy in autumn, or fresh mud and melting snow in spring.  It is the sound of geese returning after winter, the stillness of crystalized snow, the solitude of a cold, cloudless winter night.  Freedom is loving the world with no expectations or apologies.  It is dancing in the circle of seasons and embracing the security of constant change, which brings death and also rebirth.

This still holds true for me, but over the last 4+ years this blog has evolved as I myself have learned, grown, and walked farther down this path of intentional living.  Writing has always been a lens of personal reflection for me, and what I see when I look back through my blogs are themes of wildness, conscious living, and a move towards family and rootedness to a place.  These themes, and a confusion by some that my blog is actually about running, has led me to change the name of this blog.  

I invite you now to An Intentional Wildness: farming, family and finding the wild in every day.  

I hope you enjoy it, find some bits and pieces to take with you and inspire wildness in your soul.  Thank you for reading, for sharing, and for letting wildness roam through your days.