We are home again, pulling up to the yurt at 11:00 pm Wednesday night, stepping outside to a cold, clear sky filled with stars and smoke gently rising from the yurt chimney.  Our week in New Jersey brought rest, family, and indoor toilets (not that Vermont doesn’t have these…just that our home doesn’t).

Cape May oscillated between winter and spring, our first day there windy and in the 30s, then gradually warming until Sunday when we brought Waylon to the beach for the first time and sat in the sand in the sun and 50 degree warmth.  The next day brought more wind and snow.  I’d never been to the ocean in winter, and before we left to go back to Edge’s parents’ house, I jumped out of the car and ran through the snow to the water.  Frozen sand lay beneath the snow, an orange sunset stretched across the beach, and the waves churned, invigorating me and bringing my heart to beat harder with each crash, bringing life to my body with each round of waves in and out.

Being away brought the space I needed, and it also reminded me of how I love our home.  Walking into the cozy yurt at night and being greeted by the dogs, tails wagging and bodies wiggling, brought such comfort.  As we snuggled into bed, I smiled and whispered to Edge, “It’s so nice to be home.”