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*The snipe, who has recently returned to the field, lets out a wild call that vibrates in your chest and pulls you outside.

*A rising moon, just cresting the treetops in the Southeastern sky, pours deep yellow light on the pathway to the barn.

*In the greenhouse stove the bed of coals is thick and glowing–it only takes a few minutes to load heavy logs and feel the heat go up.

*Walking back, you notice how the entire expanse of sky is illuminated by the moon, how the brightest stars shine, speckled across the blue night.

*Climbing back into bed, your baby snuggles into your body: his legs scrunch up onto your stomach, his head nestles into your chest, and a calm settles into you as you drape one arm around his body.  This moment is a long breath in and out; it lasts all the way to morning.