Family Planting“Ever since happiness learned your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.” ~Hafiz

How much happiness will flood your life if you open yourself to it?

There are times I trip over clutter in the yurt, and in a fit of exasperation, demand “I need a house.”  There are times stress rises and I think, “I need more money.”  There are times the to-do list feels impossible and I say, “I need more time.”

The reality is that a house may be cluttered, too.  More money may bring more stuff to clutter that house.  More time may trick me into thinking I can add to the to-do list.

What brings happiness?  It is not getting more of these things.  It is pausing to take a breath and to open to all that is already here.  It is coming home after a long day of work and getting my hands dirty.  It is planting seeds–be it vegetable and flower seeds or the less physical seeds of appreciation and joy (a hug, a smile)–and nurturing those seeds from palm to soil so that they may emerge.

Every day we have this opportunity to create life, to plant, to nurture, and in turn to open ourselves to happiness and wonder.

Happiness is on the wind, always swirling around us, sending a warm breeze through our hair to say hello, or blowing a big gust to wake us from the dreariness of a half-waking life.  It wants to infuse us, to tickle us into laughter.

Take a breath, let it in.