A new name for the blog!

Wild, adj: going beyond normal or conventional bounds; deviating from the intended or expected course, specifically: a life rooted in joy and freedom

Spring, n: a time or season of growth or development; the season between winter and summer; a continual source; a surname, specifically: Katie Spring, a writer, farmer, and mama.

Wild Spring, n: a blog on growing a deep-rooted life through homesteading, simple living, and embracing the wildness that weaves through each day.

I’ve been searching for a new name, but always come back to wildness.  Even after weeding in the garden or cutting the grass, I tumble into wildness, into the intersections of a cultivated and untamed world.  Gary Snyder writes, “Wildness is not just the preservation of the world, it is the world.”  And so I see it as I walk the fields, in the rows of crops, the pac choi going to seed, the witch-grass coming up in the pathways, and in myself: dirt pressed into fingerprints, freckles darkening in the sun, wisps of hair flying free from my braid.  And I see it in Waylon’s face, in his uninhibited joy and excitement, at his surprise when he stands on his own or discovers something new in the soil.  Everywhere I look, wildness pulses through our days.

In thinking of a new name, I came back to this post I wrote a few years ago, titled Wildness and Words:

If I were to ask each person one question, it would be this: what sustains you?

Not where do you work and how do you pay the bills, but what makes you wake up each morning, feed yourself each day and continue to breathe; what is it that really fills you with life?

If you were to ask me this question, I would respond: wildness and words.

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I hope you like the new name, too.  The posts will keep coming, but right now rain on the yurt roof is lulling me to sleep, and it’s time for rest.  Be well~

droplets on fern