How to feed your self:

1. Understand that parts of your self require food, while other parts require silence, and still other parts require adventure.  Listen to those parts of your self that are asking when was the last time you explored in the forest, or touched a rock wall?

2. When you’ve finished chores, allow your self to walk past the weeds in the garden, get in the car, and leave the farm.

3. Drive just far enough to feel the strings pulling you back begin to weaken and dissolve.  Pull over and let the dogs out.  Soak in their excitement at being here, wherever here is, and walk into the woods.

4. Swat at deer flies, inhale the sweet sticky smell of a humid forest bursting with life, listen to water bubbling between rocks.  Don’t stop to take pictures–learn to see with your whole body, to become part of the landscape.  See how the dogs run, tongues flapping, eyes bright and loud with joy.  Remember that you, too, are a wild creature.  It is okay to take off your shoes and to run.

5. Hike up, up, to the granite cliff.  Put the palms of your hands on the rock.  Climb, if you wish.  Sit, if you wish.  When the dogs come panting let them rest.  Soon it will be time to walk down.

6. When you reach the car again, eat some cheese and crackers, because by now your stomach is hungry.  Drink cold ginger water to quench your thirst.  Take the long way home, and drive slow.  Today is a day to feed your entire self.  Look out the window and allow daydreams to swirl around in your head.

7. At night, stand outside and thank the fireflies for their light.  Thank the stars.  Thank the day’s last sunlight as it kisses the horizon goodnight.