At the end of these hot summer days, it’s just as important for the dogs to have some fun as it is for the farmers to cool down.  The dogs (or doggers as we like to say–dogger just might be Waylon’s first word) laze around in the sun, sometimes out in the high afternoon light, other times finding refuge in the shade of the wood line or on the cool concrete floor in the farm store.  They raise their eyebrows as we walk past, noting our pace, our direction, the tones of our voices as we greet them.  They know when it’s worth getting excited.

When the words “load up!” are said, the dogs jump and wag and get into the car, ready for wherever it is we may take them.  The good car rides end at the pond, with a stick to fetch.  When we arrive, the ducks swim away, the dogs splash in, and we all relax into the coolness of water at the end of the day.