Some mornings I leave the farm
for the simple pleasure
of being alone–
to sit by myself
and feel the texture of a smile
across my face
What is pleasure worth
if it is missed?
We move so quickly on the farm
Sometimes I miss
the curl of a leaf holding water,
the emerald, shining body
of a grasshopper.
Sometimes I forget even
what breathing is.
Then the grasshopper leaps
tilting over the leaf,
and water splashes me awake.
I sit, caught for a moment,
breath suspended,
before releasing
in the exhale.
What I’ve learned from it all is this:
The wind wants to wrap its arms around us
and dance to the clicking song of crickets.
When the invitation comes, say “Yes!”
This world is beauty
trying to shake us awake
Let yourself be caught.
summer bouquet