woodsmoke The stacked branches of old an apple tree warmed our yurt this morning as Edge lit the first fire of the season.  The nights are dipping down into the low-40s and even high-30s now, and we wake snuggled in bed, bodies warm and faces cool.  Chai, though it already graced most mornings, has become a staple again, the thick milky tea warming us at dawn and lifting our eyes after lunch when we wish for a nap.

This morning the Worcester range, too, was snuggled in bed, a blanket of fog pulled all the way up to the peaks.  The last few days have been gray, though not dreary.  Instead, the cloud cover and brushes of rain make all the colors brighter.  The flowers at the top of the garden stand with a sudden brightness that almost trick me into thinking they could last all winter.  The trees are turning, too, tinging the edge of our field with the first burnt colors of autumn, and like the flowers these colors glow warmer under the gray sky.

Worcester range--tucked inRain is due this afternoon.  This morning, though, we head to the mountains for a family hike up White Rock.  I look out to see that the range, like us, has pushed off its covers, the valley fog now translucent wisps of clouds slowly lifting away.

And so we go~