“Nowadays we are encouraged to think that travel is for variety and discovery, but travel has its own rhythm and routines, and maybe the best journeys are the ones worth repeating and are repeated.  That’s what I had for the years when I plunged into the west every summer…This is how home becomes bigger, the opposite of leaving home.  And home has to mean something more than a house; it has to mean a place, so that going out the door can be going home as much as going in.”

~Rebecca Solnit, “The Art of Arrival” essay in Orion Magazine

Mount Hunger Summer, Worcester, VT
Edge and Waylon on top of Mount Hunger

This is part of our work, as well.  To reach beyond the boundary lines of the tax map, to step outside the yurt, to step beyond the pasture, to put one foot in front of the other, to walk into the mountains and find ourselves home.