in the woodsFall harvests, building projects, writing projects, a toddler. I’ve been away from the blog lately, but have not been idle. Snow is forecasted again, and another night of temps in the low 20s, and so the last of the storage roots call for harvesting, the high tunnels ask for plastic on their end-walls, and the carrots and kale under low-tunnels wait to be tucked in once more (those winds that whip across this hillside are a mean contender against our sandbags and row-cover).

Still, we find a few hours here and there to walk in the woods. In the midst of this pre-winter flurry, it’s quieting to feel the slight spring of layered leaves underfoot, to stop and lean in close enough to see the buds at the end of bare limbs. Come spring they’ll unfurl in a bright green splash, but for now they are wrapped tight and ready for winter. Soon, we will be, too.

in the woods