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photo by John Snell, http://stilllearningtosee.com

photo by John Snell, stilllearningtosee.com

photo by Rob Spring, robspringphoto.com

photo by Rob Spring, robspringphoto.com


I have my father, Rob Spring, to thank for my love of photography.  On countless weekend mornings, he woke me pre-dawn to go get lost on the back roads of Vermont to take pictures.  He taught me that if you drive down-hill long enough, you’ll come to a town, and from there you’ll find your way home again.  He taught me to zoom in to look at the details and to zoom out to see the whole picture.

He goes out weekly on walks around Vermont with his friend John Snell.  For as long as I can remember, John and my Dad have been friends, hiking on weekends all around Vermont taking photos together.  They each have a distinct style, and each celebrate the natural and working landscapes of Vermont in their photography.

So today, instead of posting my own pictures, I invite you to visit their websites and explore Vermont (and Alaska, Michigan, and beyond!) through their eyes.

Rob Spring: robspringphoto.com

John Snell: stilllearningtosee.com