On Pismo Beach

It was the mornings I loved the most.  For most of our trip, we’d wake near the beach, walk over a sand dune or beneath eucalyptus trees and their long, reaching branches, and blink into the tide.

Those unscripted hours found us walking, running, chasing waves, stopping to inspect sand dollars, and watching as Waylon splashed in cold streams of fresh water that ran into the ocean.

chasing waves

There is so much to do wherever we are.  We went to California loaded with suggestions, with places we must see and things we must do, but I forgot them all.

Sometimes the best way to see a place is to not do much of anything.

How much can you learn from a long stretch of sand and salt water?  How much do you have to learn?

Not very much, I realized.

Just this: breathe where you are, be where you are.

morning on Pismo beach