“Part of being our best selves is having the guts to not avert our eyes, to look closely at what scares us, what disappoints us, what threatens us. By looking closely we have a chance to make change happen.” 

~Seth Godin

Baby Maple

It’s a messy transition between winter and spring.  The white canvas of snow that welcomed reflection melts into mud, ruts up the road, and floods the river.

When we are finally ready for long days and warm air and the time to put our dreams into motion, we get pulled into potholes and have to inch along when we are ready for speed.

It’s the moment just before the leap, the transition between planning and acting, that we must look at the things we hold and decide what to let go of, decide what will serve us and what needs to melt away with the last of winter’s snow.

It’s the transition that asks us to slow down and look into the mud.  It’s not always easy, but if we don’t slow down, the ruts and potholes will break us before we get anywhere.  Now is the time to look closely, to sink in, to plant a seed in the thawing earth.

Sometimes–often times–slowing down and letting go are the first steps in creating change.