“A seed is a conveyance system for information. It is words taken wing–words written in the language of adenine, cytosine, guanine, thymine, ancient instructions clasped between hard covers, everything needed to carry a story to a new place where it can take root. Long before writers figured it out, seed-bearing plants had found a way to convey to the next generation wisdom accumulated over millions of years. A samara is wisdom with ailerons. A dryas seed is a set of instructions with hair as wild as Einstein’s. A dandelion seed is an epic on a parachute. A sander seed is a poem stuck to a sock. An elm seed is a prayer book: This way is life. This way is rootedness.”

~Kathleen Dean Moore, quoted in Seedtime by Scott Chaskey

I’m reading Seedtime and am more amazed with seeds than ever, so I’m celebrating them today with a collection of photographs: dandelions gone to seed; calendula in flower and going to seed; a maple seedling; milkweed in flower; and pasture grass going to seed.

Seeds are the basis of life and so much beauty in this world, and we get to be part of the story.  Plant a seed, and you become part of a regenerative process.  It’s a simple act, but the most important acts almost always are.