Welcome!  I began this blog in 2009 just as I embarked on a journey to New Zealand and Tasmania.  What began as a way to keep family and friends updated on my travels has evolved into a space to share a path of mindful and simple living rooted in connection to the earth.  Throughout my travels, I sought wildness and exploration; now that my husband and I have made a home nestled into a Vermont hillside, the search for wildness has shifted from the grander notions of world travel to the everyday adventures that come with rooting oneself to a place.

Together, my husband Edge and I run a small diversified farm in Central Vermont called Good Heart Farmstead.  When our son was born in July 2013, everything became new for me: the world, in all its complexity, became more vibrant as I stepped outside ready to re-discover all that Waylon would discover for the first time.

As an individual, I am interested in truth, in exploration, and in full-living.  As a parent, I am compelled to dig deeply into this world, to set an example for our son so that he may live with his heart wide open, wildly and freely.

You’ll find here posts on nature, life, and the intersection between people and the environment.  While some posts delve into politics and gender, others stay close to my immediate surroundings, but in all of my writing I seek to ground my words in the soil and the soul.

You can find links to my published articles under the writing tab.

If you’re new here, start with this post on wildness and words.

May wildness beckon you outside and stir your soul~