I’m Katie Spring:

writer, farmer, teacher, and marketing consultant. 

female farmer cultivating in the field

I believe farming and business are creative endeavors, good marketing is rooted in relationships, and organic farms are vital to a regenerative and sustainable future.

I’m the co-creator of Good Heart Farmstead, a farm with a mission to increase local food access for low-income Vermonters.  You can learn more about the farm here.

How I can help you:

I teach farmers how to market their farms in a way that feels true to them and speaks to their ideal customers.    

I call this marketing from soil to soul — keeping your messages rooted in what you grow and who you are so you can cultivate long-lasting relationships with customers who love your farm. 

I lead workshops and teach courses on email marketing, consult with farmers through 1:1 Marketing Strategy Days, and write websites for farmers who’d rather focus on growing and leave the wordsmithing to an expert.  

Kate Spring, organic farmer, mother and writer

Where my love of farm marketing sprouted up:

We started our farm with years of growing experience, but we’d never run a business.  Those first years were a crash-course in everything from bookkeeping to cash-flow to sales and marketing.  

At first, marketing made me nervous. But my desire to share our farm and feed our community was stronger than those nerves.  

I quickly learned that marketing is vital to growing a business, and I focused on studying marketing and copywriting to grow our customer base.  Along the way I learned that marketing doesn’t require you to trick people.  

In fact, the most effective marketing is based on honesty and trust, two things that help grow genuine, reciprocal relationships.

purple potato shaped like a heart

And now for the really important stuff:

If I were a vegetable, I’d be snap peas
snap pea illustration

growing up and up, connecting sky and earth on tendrils much stronger than they appear.

If I were a flower, I’d be calendula
calendula illustration

bright, inviting, soothing, self-sowing.

If I were an herb, I’d be mint

half wild, rambling, known to grow beyond whatever boundaries or limits you place on it.

If I were a fruit, I’d be a strawberry

my seeds on the outside, open, juicy, and sweet.

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