making magic soup starter

Magic Soup Starter

Before soup season comes soup-starter season. When my husband Edge farmed in Alaska, this was the “magic stuff” that started many meals throughout the winter months. If you don’t have veggie stock on hand, this preserve will make up for it fast.  (I once had a roommate who always remembered to put veggie scraps in

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heirloom tomatoes for roasting

Lyme, Sleep, and Roasted Tomatoes

September is here, waking us up with cool mornings and sails of fog rising from the valley. For the first time in a year, I’m looking forward to a month without achiness and exhaustion.  In June I was diagnosed with lyme disease, and though I’d been crashing every day, I pushed through. With the diagnosis

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blueberry mint spritzer

Herbal Spritzers to Beat the Heat

Summer’s here! With heat and sun comes the increased need for hydration.  As a child, my camp counselors often repeated the phrase, “A hydrated cell is a happy cell.” Indeed. Corny as it is, I still abide by that saying.  Sometimes, though, I need an extra zip to my water. Adding mint, frozen fruit, and

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