The Year of True Connection

organic farmer and zinnias: word of the year is connection

Every year I choose a word of the year: 2017 was gentle; 2018 community; 2019 was alignment.  

This year it’s connection.  

Not just the surface connection of social media follows and likes — but true, deep-rooted, honest connection. Pulling back the layers, diving into the deeper aspects of farming, mothering, running a business, and what it means to live a creative life.

This year I want to share more with you because it’s the vulnerable stuff that brings me more alive.  

And I believe that this world needs more people who are willing to shine brighter, willing to be imperfect and authentic, willing to keep taking the next step, plant the next seed, and willing to reach out a hand and help others along this path of growing a life.  

I often say that — growing a life; becoming more alive. 

What I mean is to be curious.  

We are told hundreds of times a day what we should be, should want, should do.  But to grow your life is to ask those questions of yourself and to listen deeply enough to hear the answer.  To ask those questions and then actively seek the answers; to find the answers and not be afraid when they change.

Here’s what creates a spark in me (in no particular order):

  • Writing
  • Walking in the woods with my dog
  • Teaching and talking about writing
  • Helping others find their spark
  • Talking to farmers and entrepreneurs about business, marketing and storytelling
  • Pruning tomatoes and cultivating garden beds
  • Making the perfect book recommendation
  • Reading a great novel
  • Meditating 
  • Taking photos
  • Harvesting thyme, tomatoes, zinnias
  • Growing flowers
  • Conversations with farm moms that leave me feeling bolstered, less alone, more compassionate
  • Campfires and guitars at sunset
  • Book club nights with friends, books, and wine

There’s more, too, but this is what came out without pause.  

So in 2020, I’m going to focus on doing more of these things — the things that bring me alive, that spark a light, that help me grow a life of joy.  The things that connect me to soil and soul.  

Because when I grow in this way, I can help you grow, too.  When I tend to the spark and the seed, I can better serve you and help you cultivate the life that brings you alive.

Organic flowers, growing connection: the word of the year
Connection: growing a life rooted in soil, beauty, joy — and helping others grow, too

Don’t underestimate the power of your spark or the possibilities of your joy.  

Skepticism and settling have never changed anything.  

But optimism, joy, wonder — these things wake us up and propel us forward.  These are the notions of positive change.  

organic farmer and cosmos; creating connection, the word of the year
here’s your invitation to grow what lights you up

You can do this.  You can grow whatever it is that lights you up.

In pursuit of all of this, I’ll be writing more about running a farm business, being a mom and a farmer, how to grow your farm with storytelling and authentic marketing, how to weave creativity into your days and cultivate a writing life.  All with a lot of soul and soil-stained hands.

There’s so much to come in 2020 and beyond.  What will you grow? 

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Before you go, I’d love to know: what’s your word of the year?  What are some things that create a spark inside you?  

Let me know in the comments below.  Let’s grow an awesome year together.


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