Make Farm Marketing Easier with a Marketing Calendar

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A crop plan and map ensures consistent harvests. A marketing calendar can help ensure consistent sales.

As a farmer, you have a field map and planting calendar. But do you have a marketing calendar?

I recently consulted with a farm on their marketing strategy, and they told me they only email or post on social media when they need to sell something. The problem is it doesn’t feel good, and it doesn’t work great, either.

Here’s the thing: as customers, we want to be respected, seen, understood.  

We feel better when a business takes the time to establish a connection before diving right into sales.

One of the keys to marketing is consistency.

That means showing up even when you’re not actively selling. Sharing stories, recipes, or insights without asking for anything in return.

When you consistently engage with your community, you not only grow deeper relationships, you also set your farm up for easier sales and eager customers. But how do you consistently market when spring farm tasks take over your life?

The answer: a marketing calendar.

Watch this quick video to help you develop a marketing calendar for your farm:

I created this for my email list, so you’ll hear me mention the email I sent them. You can can sign up for weekly marketing tips and insights, plus get a free guide to getting started with email marketing here.

Here are the highlights:

  1. Identify your sales windows.
  2. Work backwards from each sale window. Give yourself a month to work up to the opening of the sale.
  3. Write out what people need to know and what they’ll get when they purchase.
  4. Brainstorm stories that compliment the sale
  5. Identify where your customers are and where you’ll post your marketing
  6. Add them into your marketing calendar and take action

Get the marketing calendar template here.

Creating consistent content throughout the year makes selling easier, because people have a relationship with you.

You’ve given them stories and photos and insight into how you serve them, and in return they’re more likely to be ready and excited to sign up when your sales window opens. They’ll also expect it, and are less likely to feel put off by the sale.

So take action now by creating a marketing calendar for your farm.

If you have questions about making a marketing calendar, or anything else about farm marketing, let me know in the comments below.

Happy marketing!

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