Field Notes: Saying Goodbye to Stella, and Hello to Snow & Sun

{Field Notes come out every Friday, and are a look back on the week in the fields, greenhouse, and farm life.  What are you growing?  Share your own field notes in the comments below.}

The wind whipped and swirled around for days this week, but even the most blustery of us get tired eventually and calm down.  The same goes for storms, and Stella, I have to say, I’m glad to see you’re all out of gusts and snow.

Fresh powder covers the fields.  The wood stove is cranking again, keeping us warm through this snap back to winter.  The greenhouse, however, is a spring haven—and on sunny days like this one, almost a summer haven.

On the farm front, we are balancing between seasons, starting seeds even as winter extends itself for another few weeks.

In the greenhouse, our over-wintered spinach is bursting in the longer days, and the lettuce isn’t far behind it.  Tiny spinach and lettuce seedlings are emerging, and will be ready for transplant after the current crop is harvested.

Outside, Edge is gathering materials to re-build the hoop house (you know, the one that went for a little flight?).  With luck, it will be back up in another two weeks.

Inside, we’re planning, marketing, emailing—all the things that don’t come to mind when you think “organic farm.”  I’ve finished my birthday cake and cupcakes, eating more than the typical amount of sugar in the past week and feeling totally okay about it.  It’s been balanced by cravings for carrots and hummus, of course.

That’s it for this week’s field notes.

I’m feeling quiet like a seed not yet sprouted, and that’s okay with me, so I’ll sign off for now.

May you all have a weekend in good heart, one that brings you joy and beauty and some measure of sprouting that wakens your soul.

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