Gifts to Help You Grow

Winter greenhouse at Good Heart Farmstead, and a few gifts for farmers.
winter greenhouse on a sunny day

It’s still dark as I write this; the only lights on are the strings around the tree. 

Yesterday the sun shone so brightly we opened up the greenhouse ridge vent and doors and pulled the row cover off the greens so they could soak up all that light. As much as I love sunny winter days, I love these quiet mornings with tea, a journal, and the keyboard more.

The other day Waylon said he wished it was summer again, and I instantly said, “no!”  I’m just settling into the restfulness of winter, and as much as I love summer sun, there’s a reason we have seasons. Winter is here to let us rest.

As this year winds down, I wanted to say thank you —

Thank you for planting seeds and growing an organic life in whatever ways bring you alive.

Thank you for sharing your time with me, reading these words, and sharing them with friends.

Thank you for all you grow — in the midst of chaos and bad news, planting seeds is a consistent, steadying act that can literally root us into positive change.  

And give you some gifts —

  • And here’s a free printable with the Good Heart guiding principles to grow your life.

Feel free to give these gifts forward, too.  Let them be like seeds that scatter and grow in a new place come spring.  

Waylon putting the star on with Uncle Jeff; give these gifts for farmers to help you grow.
Waylon & Uncle Jeff, putting on the star

We celebrate three holidays this time of year: Solstice, Christmas, and Hanukkah. 

As we gather with friends and family, the thing I love most about each one are the lights, the songs, and the recognition that we’re all part of the turning of the seasons.  

We’re all here together, witnessing the sun stretch a bit longer again.  And just as the sun starts to inch back, we can shine a bit brighter each day, too.

Whatever you celebrate, may these lengthening days bring you joy.

Wishing you a joyful holiday,


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