From Yurt to Farm: Good Heart Farm Tour

Good Heart Farmstead, join me on a virtual farm tour

Welcome to Good Heart, friends!

When I started playing with video (watch the first two good heart gardening tips on pruning raspberries and planting tomatoes), I knew I wanted to show you more of the farm.

While I share lots of photos here and on instagram, today is special.

Join me in the fields as we take a farm tour at Good Heart.

I show you where we started, why we do what we do, and my favorite “secret spot” on the farm (wait for it at the end!)

Thanks for joining me in the fields!

Do you want to see more? Do you have questions on organic farming and gardening?

Let me know in the comments below. Your question and answer may end up in the next blog or video post!

Until next time, sow seeds and keep growing.

6 thoughts on “From Yurt to Farm: Good Heart Farm Tour”

  1. Such a beautiful farm! Thank you for taking the time to do that for us! I love that pollinator bed on the hill with the daisies and yarrow. Any chance you’ll save those seeds and sell them? They look so nice together! That’s one thing I need around my tiny Michigan garden in suburbia is more color and pollinators! Sometimes it’s easier to see it in someone else’s landscape and imagine it in your own space.

    1. Hi Ann, thanks so much! Right now I’m letting the seeds re-sow themselves, though I’ll let you know if we ever do venture into selling seeds. You can get yarrow seeds from Fedco or Johnny’s Selected Seeds. The daisies we have are actually wild here, so they seeded themselves 🙂

      Happy planting!

  2. Martha E Snell

    Thank you Kate for sharing your farm in this video and as you have your philosophies about life and gardening. So many positives arrive with each blog! Marti Snell (John’s sister)

  3. So glad you decided to share the video! I love your pictures on IG and reading your emails/blog, but also enjoyed the new perspective of Good Heart. You guys have a beautiful piece of living art nestled in the mountains, and I appreciate the organic practices and values you incorporate on your farm.

    Happy farming!


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