This Is The Heart of Farm Marketing

The other day Edge snapped this picture of the CSA harvest:

freshly harvested carrots and turnips in a sled outside a snowy greenhouse

We’ve been steadily extending our growing seasons and increasing our Winter CSA for the past few years, and this picture totally lit me up.

The snow.

The bright carrots.

The bounty in the cold dark days of December.

Winter growing takes planning and infrastructure. Seeds, too of course. Without those three things, there’d be no harvest.

Photos like this get our CSA members excited for their shares and get potential members interested. It instantly tells a story and invites people in to learn more.

But like winter growing, the ability to share a photo and generate sales from it takes planning and a kind of infrastructure of its own.

That’s where email marketing comes in:

  1. You use your greenhouse (aka your email service provider)…
  2. to sow your seeds (aka send emails)…
  3. to harvest (aka make sales).

Email is how we make nearly all of our CSA sales. I post on social media, for sure, but social is a tool to point people to our email list and website, where we can grow deeper relationships with our customers and potential customers.

Because at the heart of it, marketing is about growing relationships.

Consistent, direct communication is key to cultivating relationships.

And email is the most effective online tool to help you do that.

In Organic Emails, a new online course that teaches you how to increase sales and grow long-lasting customer relationships, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up your email marketing infrastructure
  • Plan and write compelling emails your customers look forward to
  • How to sell through email

Organic Emails is open now.

You can check it out here.

Sign up to start growing your customer base, CSA sales, and retention rates. Because like winter growing, email marketing is most effective when it’s planned for and implemented step by step, seed by seed, word by word.

Sign up for Organic Emails today and get a jump on your 2022 farm marketing.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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