Introducing Art & Soil

Over the last few months I’ve been writing poetry, journaling, and digging back into longer writing projects.

Now, my public writing is coming out of an inner season of creativity and I’m so looking forward to connecting and sharing my words with you again.

Which brings me, too…ba-ba-da-dum!

My new Substack, called Art & Soil.

Head over there to read the first post.

I’m moving my blog posts and email list over to Substack, where you’ll find poetry, prose, and writing that sprouts up from the soil. You can subscribe to Art & Soil to receive updates in your inbox.

While I may use this website for future blog posts on farm marketing, I’ll be writing and publishing most often over on Substack, and the blog here will now become an archive. Please come join me over in the new space and connect again over creativity and food.

Thanks for reading!

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