Overwhelm the World with Good

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” ~Desmond Tutu

planting organic seeds

Plant a seed.  Water it.  Help it grow.  This is my little bit of good.

There are so many ways to manifest your life, so many ways to start and to grow.

The words here are almost always my own, but today I’m sharing this sentiment from Edge, my husband and farming partner.  And while I may not have written them, they speak my heart, too:

Farming for us has become a way to find balance in this world. It’s a way to remain present and available for both the health of ourselves and those we surround ourselves with. It is an avenue that we can give to those who need it while also getting what we need as individuals, a family, and a whole.

Farming is also a great reminder to preserve the connectedness we have as humans to the natural landscape. It simplifies our reason for being on this planet and blurs any boundary that may be created between the two. We’re simply just another part of the whole picture, with no more or less significance.

We started to farm because we love food and wanted to be more connected to our food.

But over the years, our reasons have shifted and we’ve realized that it’s almost not about farming at all.  What we really strive for is a balanced and nourishing life that allows us to be filled and to be generous.  We’ve found that farming is one way to attain this, but it could really be anything.

My mom found her calling as a nurse, my dad as a civil engineer and then teacher.  I learned generosity and fulfillment of spirit from them.  I have friends who are artists, massage therapists, wilderness guides, educators.

There are so many ways to do your little bit of good.

What’s your way?*

*Share below in the comments, because good is contagious.

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Rudbeckia flowers

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