Start Every Morning Like a Seed

Winter view at Good Heart Farmstead
Winter view at Good Heart Farmstead

January’s full blue moon is golden and low in the sky this morning.

It feels like a gift, this light that always makes me feel at home, even when I’m far away.

We’ve been in New Jersey since Saturday, visiting family, celebrating birthdays, and meeting our new baby nephew.  The days are full of children, Waylon playing non-stop with his cousins.  He never asks when we’re going home.  And I’m happy for that.

But when we’re away from home, Edge and I still seek the rhythm of our mornings.

I like to start each morning like a seed.  Quiet.  Still.  

Tea slowly waking me, like the soft shower of a watering can on soil.  Breath opening my lungs and enlivening my body, my muscles stretching out like roots, like a sprout breaking through to sunlight.

I don’t rush this part.

Soon enough, others will wake.  I’ll need to open my mouth and talk.  But now—

Now I take another slow sip of tea and look back out to the moon.


bee pollinating organic echinacea flowershow do you start your mornings?

2 thoughts on “Start Every Morning Like a Seed”

  1. My weekday mornings start at 5:45 am. The kitchen is busy: my stepkids eating breakfast and my partner gathering his belongings for work. I enjoy a cup of tea after coffee and lunches are prepared. The weekend mornings are usually slower, more meditative, needed after on-the-go work and school schedules.

    1. I love weekend mornings, too. I always stretch them out a bit longer (because I’ve usually slept it 🙂 ) Here’s to tea and unwinding ~

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