evening by the pond

Conversation with a Snipe

I fell asleep to the drumming song of two snipes. They called to one another, the same quick beat back and forth, except one’s voice was a note higher. I’d gone outside at dusk, just as a sun dog was shooting up from the edge of Hogback, like a mast at the bow of a

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morning clouds lifting over the mountains

Harvesting Gratitude

  Gratitude. It’s my medicine for times when I don’t move with ease.  For times when I’m still stuck slogging through the mud (literally or metaphorically) despite the fact that it’s almost June.  All the rain of late is making the mud a mainstay; I may switch the saying to “May showers bring June flowers.”

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organic flower bouquet

You Can Plant Beauty

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” ~ Rumi

You can plant beauty

You can create beauty

Your life is a unique expression of energy

Your expressions are powerful

How do you choose to move?

Want to grow the bouquet above? Here’s what to plant:

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