The Huntress

Murphy Robinson, with her first buck (photo courtesy of Murphy)

I never imagined myself as a hunter.  I still have never shot a gun in my life.  But that will change this fall, when I take Mountainsong Expedition’s Huntress Intensive, led by Murphy Robinson.

Read my latest article in Vermont’s Local Banquet to learn more about the program and the history (or more accurately, herstory) behind it.

What it all comes down to for me is this:

“I think we should hunt so that we will know how fully integrated we are in our environment and in nature, and we will experience those vivid moments of deep aliveness and deep connection [when we’re] making choices that truly matter in the moment in the woods. I think that when we experience that, we come into a deeper sense of ethics and responsibility within ourselves and all parts of our lives.” ~ Murphy Robinson

Local Banquet: The Huntress

Set the Table with Rabbit

My latest article in Vermont’s Local Banquet is all about rabbit–who’s raising it, how it’s done, the challenges and benefits of rabbit as a meat source.  
Silver Ridge Rabbitry: New Zealand Rabbit

I circulated the room with a tray of hors d’oeuvres, weaving through bridesmaids, groomsmen, and guests. The social hour was winding down, and by my fifth or sixth pass through the crowd, I knew who the vegetarians were—who to offer the stuffed mushrooms to, who to pass by with the pulled pork.

The pulled pork had gone fast, and as back up, the caterer I was working for that night provided pulled rabbit to take its place.

“What’s this?” guests asked.

When I answered, “Pulled rabbit with sweet potato,” hesitation came over their faces…

read the rest at Vermont’s Local Banquet.