When to Root in, and When to Fly like a Dandelion Seed

frosted clover

Snow has dusted our fields and we’re ready to call it a season.

Some endings come hard, dragging their heels all the way, frantically throwing out more to-do’s just to convince me that autumn can’t actually end quite yet.

But yesterday morning, in the pre-dawn dark, I wrote in my journal:

Universe, I don’t want to list my worry or stress.  I give it to you, to transform it into ease.  Thank you thank you thank you.

It doesn’t always work like this.  There are times I drag my own heels, saying I want to let it go when really I’m clutching the worry tight to my chest.  But yesterday morning, I gave it up.

The day still began with more to-do’s than I could do, but I took my own advice and focused on the most important things.

Time moved forward, the CSA got delivered, the turkey got picked up, and in between I drank tea and ate lunch and a triple dose of dark chocolate.

Now we’re heading south to visit family for Thanksgiving.  The hoop house is almost finished and the office work is never finished, and we’re leaving for a week anyway.

And I’m so happy.

Sometimes, rooting in and working harder is called for.  Other times, flying away like a dandelion seed is the better option—to lighten up, see things from a different height.

I’m going for the dandelion seed right now.  We’ll be back to root down again, but for now, I’m saying goodbye to autumn, goodbye to lists of work and the time pressure of good weather ending.

Hello, winter.  It’s so nice to see you again.

new snow on farm fields

Safe travels to you this Thanksgiving!  Or, if you’re hosting, safe turkey roasting 😉  


4 thoughts on “When to Root in, and When to Fly like a Dandelion Seed”

  1. Beautiful! Enjoy your travels Kate. Your post is spoken like a true Vermonter in the rush to get everything done as the sun is going down – love hearing how you are taking care of yourself despite the rush.

  2. The best line I read above is “I am happy” – rest, relax and enjoy your holiday in New Jersey – and have a beautiful Thanksgiving!!
    See you next week.
    Love you all!

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