Taproot Magazine

Issue 20: SHARE: Listening to Our Elder

Issue 16: SHELTER: Shelter and Space

Issue 13: SONG: Return, Return

Vermont’s Local Banquet

Of Loaves and Land

Regenerative Agriculture: Taking Root in Vermont

The Huntress

Set the Table with Rabbit

Farmer Wordplay: Harvest vs. Slaughter

Set the Table with Gluten-Free Baked Goods

Burlington Free Press

Ordering Seeds for Summer Bounty in the Garden

For a farmer, it boils down to rain, sun and soil

Perennials help sow the roots of community

CSAs offer more than fresh food

Grow your own pea shoots to shed winter’s grip

A shepherd’s view of springtime

For this farmer, raw milk is a symbol of values

Sap moon welcomes spring

Seed to plate: Addressing hunger in Vermont

What’s the impact of an avocado?

What gets an organic farmer through winter?  Seed catalogs

How a craving to eat chicken led to a new career

High Mowing Organic Seeds Blog: The Seed Bin

Pest Management on the Small Farm

Growing with Kids: 6 Practical Ways to Engage them on the Farm

Crop Talk: Growing Bountiful Kale at Good Heart Farmstead

Preserving Value-Added Products for Winter Meals and CSAs

Affording the Farm: Financing for Beginners

Emerging Agritourism: Farm to Fork Dinners at Sandiwood Farm

The Benefits of Hillside Farming

Growing Wonder: Spending Time with Kids in the Garden

Micro-Farm Success: Learning from the Market Gardener

Budget Seed Starting on a Small Farm

Integrating Livestock and Crops at Good Heart Farmstead: Sheep, Pigs, and Poultry to Increase Soil Health

Putting Down Roots: The Search for Our Own Farm

Making Your Farm Accessible to Low-Income Customers

Medicinal Herbs

Starting a Farm