Published Writing

I write about farming, business, food, and all that sprouts up from the soil.

Organic farming and growing food is often the backdrop of my writing, but it’s the experiences that challenge and carry and make us grow that I’m really interested in.  It’s the lessons that those experiences hold, and how we transform because of them.

You can read some of my published work here:

Mother Earth Gardener

3 Women-Owned Seed Companies

How To Determine The Best Vegetables To Grow

Taproot Magazine

Issue 53: AMEND: Mother, Farmer

Issue 28: GRAIN: Buttered Toast

Issue 22: GROW: To Grow Love: A Farmer’s Manifesto

Issue 20: SHARE: Listening to Our Elder

Issue 16: SHELTER: Shelter and Space

Issue 13: SONG: Return, Return

High Mowing Organic Seeds Blog: The Seed Bin

Preserve The Cabbage Harvest With Sauerkraut

How To Make More Farm Sales With Email Marketing

6 Reasons to Grow Your Flowers From Organic Seeds

Grow Microgreens In Your Home Kitchen In 7 Easy Steps

Creating A Stale Seedbed With Solarization

Why Choose EazyLeaf Lettuce

5 Ways to Stay Grounded & Avoid Burnout While Starting A Farm

Best Practices For Early Season Seedling Propagation

Growing For Preservation

Variety Highlights For Succession Planting at Good Heart Farmstead

Is CSA Right For Your Farm?

Regenerative Agriculture: Growing Techniques to Build Soil & Sequester Carbon

Pest Management on the Small Farm

Growing with Kids: 6 Practical Ways to Engage them on the Farm

Crop Talk: Growing Bountiful Kale at Good Heart Farmstead

Preserving Value-Added Products for Winter Meals and CSAs

Affording the Farm: Financing for Beginners

Emerging Agritourism: Farm to Fork Dinners at Sandiwood Farm

The Benefits of Hillside Farming

Growing Wonder: Spending Time with Kids in the Garden

Micro-Farm Success: Learning from the Market Gardener

Budget Seed Starting on a Small Farm

Integrating Livestock and Crops at Good Heart Farmstead: Sheep, Pigs, and Poultry to Increase Soil Health

Putting Down Roots: The Search for Our Own Farm

Making Your Farm Accessible to Low-Income Customers

Medicinal Herbs

Starting a Farm

Vermont’s Local Banquet

Checking In On Vermont Young Farmers Coalition

Growing Community and Policy in Vermont

Regenerative Agriculture: Taking Root in Vermont

Of Loaves and Land

Demystifying Hybrids with Cha-Ching F1 Zucchini

Set The Table with Rose de Berne Tomatoes

The Huntress

Set the Table with Rabbit

Farmer Wordplay: Harvest vs. Slaughter

Set the Table with Gluten-Free Baked Goods

Burlington Free Press

Ordering Seeds for Summer Bounty in the Garden

For a farmer, it boils down to rain, sun and soil

Perennials help sow the roots of community

CSAs offer more than fresh food

Grow your own pea shoots to shed winter’s grip

A shepherd’s view of springtime

For this farmer, raw milk is a symbol of values

Sap moon welcomes spring

Seed to plate: Addressing hunger in Vermont

What’s the impact of an avocado?

What gets an organic farmer through winter?  Seed catalogs

How a craving to eat chicken led to a new career

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